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  1. Every Student is entitled to keep a book for 7 days from the date of issue.
  1. Before entering the library, Students should sign the library register note kept at the entrance.
  1. Perfect silence and decorum should be maintained in the library.

    I.  P.G. Students are allowed to borrow not more than 2 books (One for subject Book & One G.K Book)at a time.

    II. U.G. Students are allowed to  borrow 1 book only.

  1. Students are requested to use all the library books with care. Marking or Underlining or annotating in the books is forbidden. Disciplinary action will be taken against damaging the books in any manner.
  1. Students are not allowed to transfer their library cards to others.
  1. Students should return the library books on or before 2 PM.
  1. The students has to pay the fine Rs.2.00/- per day, if he/she doesn’t return the book after due date.
  1. A student who has lost his library card should at once report the matter to the LIBRARIAN. Duplicate library card will be issued on payment of a penalty of Rs.25/- per library card.
  1. Reference books will not be lent out.
  1. If the students lost any library books, double the cost of books will be collected.
  1. The Students are advised that at the end of the course (UG-III year & PG-II year) to handover the library cards to the Librarian.