Hai ! Welcome it's Monday Feb 19th 2018


The computerized library helps the students and staff members to have an easy access on any type of library document rapidly. The Bar-Coding system is adopted to make the circulation process, an easier one.


  • The library has subscribed to INFLIBNET online database which provides the following free access E-Journals with 10 years back issues and E-books.

  • Full text journals- Rs.2,100/-

  • E-books - Rs.51,000/- it is possible to access E-Resources through program entitled national library and information services infrastructures for scholars content(N-List).

    2.   CD-ROMS:

            A great amount of CD’s are available for both students and staff members in order to enrich their knowledge.

            Following CD’s are available in our library:

           1.       Subject oriented CD’s

           2.       Magazine and journals CD’s

           3.       General knowledge CD’s