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     "Epiphany in experience and undeniably pleasure.”

     Literature is an essential product of man’s immortal creative nature. It emerges from the innovative notion and its knitting task of imagery home land. A course in language is basic to the understanding of life and its meaning. The Department of English was started in 2000 offering General English at the Undergraduate level. English Literature course was introduced in 2009 with a thrust on formal, historical, and cultural contexts of English Literature. The objective of the department, by imparting a comprehensive and wide-ranging standard of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills of the students in English language and literature. It also aimed at unlocking the potential excellence of the students’ English proficiency. Ultimately, it mends a sturdy platform with spawning countless job opportunities by inculcating them by means of sufficient placement training programmes to fulfill the prospects of the corporate and industry.


    The fundamental aim and expectation of our department is to enhance the quality of life by offering responsibilities, efficiency and high quality education that promotes good communication skills, leadership principles, well being and prosperity of individuals.


    The English department helps the students to build knowledge of the content and methods of Literary studies, English Education, Academic, Professional and Creative writing. It also provides the values of Humanity and Ethical citizenship.