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                                “Illustrate beyond the nifty imagination”. 

    The department of Costume Design and Fashion was started during the year 2005.Textiles  and Clothing is the study of fibers, yarns and fabrics used for various purposes with the main Thrust on clothing. The programme has been framed in such a way that it enhances the ability of students to apply knowledge and explore the methods that would be beneficial for the textile and related industries. The course contains an integrated curriculum right from Textile science, Wet processing, Fashion Concept and Fashion illustration, Technical textiles, Creative designing and construction, Management, Marketing, Quality control, Economics and so on. The main objective of the course is to bring the innovative and imaginative skills aptitude and creativity among young students and to make them into renowned skilled professional in the fashion world. The department is well structured and has a state of art facility for textile testing lab, textile processing and printing lab, garment production lab, computer aided designing lab for fashion studio & pattern making with updated software & garment construction lab furnished with modern machineries like Renew, Merritt and Taking which are found in high tech garment industries.   

    The Faculty members are specialized in Research areas like Natural fibers, Natural dyes, Non-woven, Knitting, Wet processing, Textile finishing, Technical textiles, Fashion Designing, Enzymology and Bio-remediation of Textile effluent. More than two decades, research and teaching are exercised by the Professors and Associate Professors. Apart from the degree course the department offers value added certificate programs in sewing, pattern making, embroidery and CAD.


    The  Department Costume Design & Fashion aims to achieve quality professionals by continual improvement of the staff members, update of the latest technologies and facilities and surplus hard work, dedication and devotion.


    To enlighten the students with a blend of technical and professional knowledge and skills in the field of Costume Design & Fashion and molding them to excel in the fashion industry.