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About the Department


              Mathematics is the queen of all sciences.

    Mathematics without sciences has no root. Sciences without mathematics bear no fruit. Mathematics is applied in all disciplines including humanities, extension biological sciences, physical science, management and education. The latest field computer science is actually a branch of Mathematics. The Department of Mathematics was started in 2003 and upgraded to UG and PG level in the same year. Upgraded to Research level with Part Time M.Phil in 2009 onwards. The MATH CLUB was introduced in 2011.The club focuses in bringing an awareness of social responsibility and commitment apart from Academic learning. The aim of the club is to  target on the scope of tapping out the Mathematical skills and talents of our students. The department inculcates good research culture and motivates the students for product development in order to meet out the expectations of the current scenario with their best performance. We have a dedicated team of experienced faculty to enrich the knowledge capacity of the students. The department has produced some distinguished university ranks.


  • To create a new learning environment that will encourage mathematical intelligence.
  • To use the mathematical knowledge for problem solving and exploring subjects by using multiple representations of the mathematical content.


  • To motivate the students in upgrading their interest in contemporary mathematical techniques.
  • To strengthen the students analytical abilities in the field of mathematics.