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About The Department

       " Creators of innovative notion".

    Management is an emerging profession which enjoys high social status and recognition in the society. Today there is a great need of formal education in the management principles, techniques and skills among the young boys and girls to cope with the development of industries and IT education. Business management with computer applications will certainly help the students to specialize in the areas of business like production, finance, personnel, marketing & systems.

Management is a multi - dimensional and multi- colored discipline coupled with our day to day life. The practice of management, as a matter of fact, dates back to the emergence of human civilization. This course includes various wings like basic principles of management, marketing, production, accounting and systems. The course also enriches the quantity and equality of group performance which in turn provides competence and integrity among the students


"Creating value based Corporate Leaders"

  •  Inculcating business acumen to face National and International challenges.
  •  Providing IT Oriented management excellence and setting benchmark in the technology-driven industrial development.
  •  Empowering entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and creativity which would facilitate self sustaining and continuous growth.
  •   Fostering good Citizenship with ethical and corporate values.    



 Creating Entrepreneurs, Executives and Consultants who will accelerate the growth, assure success and place India at the zenith of the global economy.

 The prime focus is laid on the process of bringing out the management aspirant’s versatility, reinforcing team spirit, imparting a code of ethics and standards of practice.