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A pass in +2  (any group)


Higher Studies

M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Medical Transcription Professional Courses (I.A.S., M.B.A., Journalism)


Job Opportunities

BPO, HR, Translators, Media, Editors, Asst. Professors, Teachers, Executives, Front Office Executives and Air Hostess


Semester I

Semester II

Language I

Language II

English  I

English II

Prose I

Poetry II

Fiction I

Drama I

Social History of England

History of English Literature

Environmental Studies

Human Rights


Semester III

Semester IV

Language III

Language IV

English III

English IV

Prose II

Poetry II

Fiction II

Drama II

Literary Forms

Literary Criticism

Skill Based Subject

Skill Based Subject communicative English Paper II

Tamil/Advanced Tamil (or)

Tamil/Advanced Tamil (or)

Yoga for Human Excellence

General Awareness


Semester V

Semester IV

Shakespeare I

Shakespeare II

Indian Writing in English

Intensive Study of an Author-Tagore

American literature

Elective 3: Indian Literature in English Translation

Common Wealth Literature

Elective 2(A):Communicative English

Elective 1:English for Competitive Exams

Elective 3(A): Introduction to Linguistics  Or Elective 3(B):Studying Novels

Skill Based Subject Communicative English Paper III

Elective 3(C):Translation Tasks


Skill Based Subject Communicative English Paper IV


Soft skills get little respect, but will make or break your career.

                                                                             - Pegryklaus

     Communication skill is a panache of expression that accumulating the values of our perception and insights to populace.It is showpiece event in the   global - trotters. Communication skills is a image building for beginners to make a good command over the language .Ultimately, it lend a hand in the present day job souk.

  • Enables the learners to obtain better skills in vocalizations.
  • It facilitates the students to eradicate the grammatical gaffe in Verbal Communication.
  • Get to know about the haptic communication.
  • It endowed with the opportunity of employment in every field.