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 "Undetectable paradise ."

     The Department of Biotechnology is an active Department involved in teaching and research in frontier areas of modern biology. The objectives of the Department l are to conduct high quality basic research and training in frontier areas of Modern Biology, and promote facilities for new and modern techniques in the inter-disciplinary areas of Biology. Biotechnology is the commercial exploitation of knowledge about living organisms and their components. The biotechnology sector is fast – moving, often exploiting research from the frontiers of science with capable imaginative and biotechnologists and academic researchers. This course is intended for those who have life science background with the wish to develop their interest and skills to work or to do research in the biotechnology sector. Students can develop skills and techniques in areas including molecular biology, gene regulation and expression, protein and antibody technology, drug discovery and product development, cell culture and business. Basic research is essential on all aspects of Modern Biology including development of the tools to identify, isolate, and manipulate the individual genes that govern the specific characters in plants, animals, and microorganisms. Our department was established in 2002, M.Sc Biotechnology and subsequently B.Sc Biotechnology was also started in the same year.


     To implore quality education for research expansion and to construct excellent bio entrepreneurship for self reliance with societal development.


  • To impart knowledge and skills in students to equip themselves to be ready to face the emerging challenges in the knowledge area.
  • To contribute in the advancement of knowledge through applied research leading to newer products and process.
  • To prepare the students to work for societal transformation with commitment to justice and equality.


           A PASS IN +2 (Biology/Maths)

 HIGHER STUDIES                          

           B. Ed., B.Tech., M.Sc., (Biotech). MBA (Biotech).

  JOB OPPORTUNITIES                                  

Research assistant in labs, seed companies, bio fertilizer and bio-pesticide industry, plant tissue culture units, pharmaceutical companies. It provides further studies in Bioinformatics and nano technology, junior research fellow ship in CSIR laboratories, assistant scientist in seed companies, Quality controller in bio-fertilizer and bio-pesticide industry, quality controller in pharmaceutical companies, plant tissue culture. Scientist in R & D. Marketing executives, Entrepreneur in biotech industry. 

SYLLABUS: B.Sc. Bio Tech

Part I : Language-I Part I : Language-II
Part II: English-I Part II: English-II
Cell biology Microbiology
Biochemistry Chemistry-II
Allied Chemistry-I Core Practical-I
Environmental studies   Allied Chemistry Practical
  Value education-Human rights


Part I : Language -III Part I: Language-IV
Part II : English-III Part II : English-IV
Bioinstrumentation Molecular Genetics
Genetics Human pathology 
Basic Mathematics Computer applications
Human physiology  Practical-II 
Yoga for Human Excellence  General awareness


Plant and Animal Biotechnology Microbial Biotechnology
Environmental Biotechnology Practical-III
rDNA Technology Practical-IV
Immunology  Genomics
Introduction to Bioinformatics Proteomics
Diagnostic tools Pharmacology